Meet Sailaja Manacha

Transformative Leadership Coach & Psychotherapist
Sailaja uses a unique combination of psychology and leadership practices to help you achieve your goals in a growth-focussed, sustainable way.
With over 24 years of experience as a psychotherapist and leadership coach, Sailaja has developed a reputation for her unique approach to creating leadership transformation.

Her methods drive results both at an individual and an organisational level. She has worked with young startups as well as large multinational firms, and has helped senior and emerging leaders advance in their careers and meet their goals.
She is a :
  • Women’s Leadership Coach
  • C-Suite Executive Coach
  • Transitions Coach
  • Founder of Physis, an organisation that helps people & teams maximise potential
  • Psychologist, psychotherapist and teacher
  • Bestselling author of the book, Step Up
  • Professional Certified Coach (International Coach Federation)

Sailaja’s book – Step Up

Step Up is a book for women leaders in India, and it explores the various aspects of female leadership that are not often recognised or acknowledged. Step Up not only delves into this psychological landscape, it also offers tangible tools and practices that women leaders can use to navigate their career journey.

Step Up is an Amazon bestseller in multiple categories:
  • #1 in the Business Self Help category
  • #1 in the Hot New Releases in Education category
  • #1 in the Movers and Shakers category
  • #1 in the Hot New Releases in Business Self Help category
  • #2 in the Education category
  • #3 in the Business, Strategy & Management category
  • #56 bestseller overall

What sets Sailaja apart as a coach

Those who have had Sailaja’s coaching talk about how easily they are able to fit her insights within the context of their own lives. This relatability and connection set Sailaja apart as a coach.

  • Her sessions are enriched with her training and research methodologies
  • She draws from her 24 years experience of transformative work
  • Her work is goal based, focussed on individual and organizations ambition for expansion
  • Her unique blend of psychology, leadership concepts and the mind body approach

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